Contracting of services by persons without sufficient power of attorney

The hiring of services provided by Maisa Inc. can be carried out by individuals on their behalf or on behalf of legal entities.
When the contracting party is an individual representing a legal entity, it will be necessary for the individual to have sufficient powers to bind and obligate the entity. Those who contract with Maisa Inc. on behalf and representation of a legal entity without having sufficient powers to formalize such a legal transaction will be contravening the provisions of Maisa Inc.'s framework service agreement, as well as Article 1259 of the Civil Code.
Thus, it is advised to those wishing to contract without the necessary authority that transactions conducted on behalf of others without authorization or representation are void. As a result, Maisa Inc. may suspend the provision of its services and claim amounts corresponding to the services provided until the date on which Maisa Inc. becomes aware of the unauthorized contracting.
Alternatively, if the legal entity on whose behalf the contract is made ratifies the contract before the revocation of the legal transaction by Maisa Inc., it will be deemed valid, and services will continue to be provided based on the terms and conditions accepted by the parties.